#YouthForCSE: A Campaign about Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Youth Coalition and the Action Coalitions

The YCSRR has been selected as one of the youth lead organization leaders in the UN Action Coalitions, on the theme: Body Autonomy and Sexual and Reproductive Rights. We are partnering with IWHC at the Action Coalition to push for action on universal CSE. As Youth Coalition, our work has been to revise and input on the drafting and discussion of the Action Coalition blueprints which will be released in the Generation Equality Forum to be held in Mexico from 29-31 of March. During this process YC also participated in the creation of the Young Feminist Manifesto which highlights young leader’s needs and necessities in order to participate meaningfully of this process. 

Digital Advocacy With #YouthForCSE

#YouthForCSE is a digital advocacy campaign that centers youth voices in the discourse around Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) from April to June 2021, in conjunction with the Generation Equality Action Coalitions in Mexico City & Paris. 

Young people must be at the center of CSE because a human centred approach that prioritizes the lived realities of young people is the most effective way of realising young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights

The hashtag #YouthForCSE will feature the voices of diverse young people from across the globe, talking about what CSE means to them, why they think it is necessary, and their demands to decision makers. We must listen to young people in the conversation around CSE because it directly affects their lives!

Our Key Demands:

  1. All children, adolescents and young people must have access to age-appropriate CSE.
  2. CSE programs must include and celebrate all young people, inclusive of diverse ethnicities, body types, genders, sexualities and disabilities. 
  3. Young people must be involved in CSE curriculum development, with youth-led accountability mechanisms for curriculum implementation.
  4. There must be continued and uninterrupted access to CSE even amidst COVID-19. 
  5. New media and digital technologies must supplement the development and delivery of CSE, with innovative methods to ensure access to CSE for young people with limited access to technology in collaboration with grassroots organizations. 

#YouthforCSE Global Survey Report

The Youth Coalition and IYAFP Canada have partnered to create the #YouthForCSE Global Survey, to capture the state of comprehensive sexuality education, internationally! We have collected the input of young people from around the world - check out the report to learn more about what young people's need and priorities are in regards to sexuality education.

You can download the report here! The link will go live on September 1st, 2021.

Campaign Highlights:

Follow YC’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for short videos by young people talking about what CSE means to them. We are engaging with young people through different mediums, from videos, to Facebook Lives and Twitter Chats. Tune in!

Twitter Chat: All Are Welcome!

On 27th August 2021, we are hosting a Twitter chat where we want young people from all over the world to tweet why CSE is important to them with the hashtag #YouthForCSE. It will be a global call for policymakers to know young people’s demands in the lead up to the launch of the #YouthforCSE Global Survey. If you are a young person and want to participate, head to YC’s Twitter account on 27th August 2021! Click here to add a reminder in your Google Calendar! Follow our social media, or keep visiting this page for regular updates on the campaign!

Would you like to get involved in the #YouthForCSE campaign? Find a list of ways that you can participate below!

Get Involved

  • Amplify the issue! 
    • Use the hashtag #YouthForCSE and write about your experiences of CSE & what you wish for in an ideal world. Tell us why you think CSE is important, we want to hear from you!
    • Tweet out a video of yourself using the hashtag #YouthForCSE and tagging @youth_coalition so we can amplify your demands.
    • If you wish to submit your content to us, fill this form! You can submit a video, answer a few questions or share your thoughts that we can turn into a poster! 
    • You can also use this Social Media Toolkit to amplify the campaign.
  • Participate in our Twitter Chat
    • We want to hear from young people from diverse regions with diverse experiences, on what CSE means to them. Join the Twitter chat for a chance to learn from and interact with young people from across the world!

      Just tune in to Youth Coalition’s Twitter channel on August 27th and use the hashtag #YouthForCSE to participate! Click here to add the event to your Google Calendar.

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