Victor Bernhardtz

Alumni (2005-2011)

Key areas of interest

Relevant Experience

I had the pleasure of being a member of the Youth Coalition for five and a half years. I expect that few, if any, life experiences will have the same impact on my view of the world and choice of professional direction.

If I were to list the personal gains from being a member, I wouldn't know where to start, or where to end. However, those gains shrink next to the great achievements the organization has reached. Having had the privilege to be a small part of them is an experience I wish for everyone.

Today I live and work in my hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. I am one of the editors of an online news journal,, which covers Swedish and European Union politics. My previous employers include the Swedish Public Service Radio, the Swedish Public Service Television, UNFPA and RFSU.

Feminist and queer activism and art is close to my heart, both as a producer and as a participant.

Additional information

Whenever there's time, you'll find me in the climbing gym, collecting small cuts to my knuckles and elbows, cheering loudly when hands reach the end of a particularly nasty route.

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