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Vashti Rebong (siya, iya)

25 years old

Key areas of interest

Decolonization of transness and queerness, gender-responsive basic education, comprehensive sexuality education, gender and development in public health, feminist organising.

Relevant Experience

Vashti was involved in the Global Fund ACER (Accelerating Community Engagement and Response on HIV and AIDS Prevention) Project’s service delivery for transgender women in the Philippines. Siya is engaged in different consultancy work on SRHR, SGBV, transgender health, among others. Vashti is currently teaching gender and sexuality at the University of the Philippines.

Additional information

Vashti is an intersectional transfeminist from the Philippines. Siya is an advocate for gender-transformative sexual and reproductive health especially for trans and gender-expansive youth. One of Vashti’s advocacy is to support the decentering and centering of bodies, health, and rights of marginal identities that are participatory, culturally-appropriate, and gender-transformative. Siya is finishing iya’s MA in Women and Development at the University of the Philippines. In iya's spare time, siya enjoys engaging in local community theater and consuming isekai anime.

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