Svenn Miki Grant

Alumni (2004 - 2008)

Key areas of interest

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Svenn Miki Grant has dedicated the last 11 years to working on issues of sexual and reproductive rights, with a special focus on condom promotion and achieving access to comprehensive sexuality education, as well as activism and advocacy to ensure that these rights are realized by young people internationally.

Currently serving as the Director of Outreach Services at the YMCA of TT, Svenn is responsible for projects related to HIV education, prevention and advocacy, and gender and non-violence programming targeting men and boys. Additionally, in this role, he has developed a working partnership with UNFPA through which he facilitated an international peer educator training on gender and advocacy in St Lucia, presented a paper to Gender Bureaus in Grenada, and served as a panelist for the satellite session Comprehensive Condom Programming: So Much Potential, So Little Progress in Mexico City 2008 at the International AIDS Conference. Through his position at the YMCA, Svenn has also established a strong partnership with the University of the West Indies’ Centre for Gender and Development Studies, sitting on a Project Advisory Committee for the faculty’s Breaking the Silence research project on child abuse. Additionally, Svenn is a member of the UNIFEM facilitated Working Group on Masculinities, Gender Equality and Social Policy.

In addition to his work with the YMCA, Svenn co-produces and presents the radio show Reality Check on Power 102FM. Prior to this, he co-produced and presented a season of the TV special New Voices on a local Trinidadian station. As part of the show, he also played a fictional character called “Condom Man”, promoting condoms during the Carnival festivities on the islands.

Previously, Svenn was an active member of Advocates for Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (AYSRHR) and the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YC). In 2003, he gained significant media attention for taking the lead on AYSRHR’s attempt to lobby the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to provide comprehensive sex education at the secondary school level. Soon after, he joined the YC where he served as member from July 2004 to August 2008. Svenn chaired the Task Force for the Caribbean Advocacy Workshop (CAW) in 2006 and served as a trainer for the CAW in Trinidad and Tobago. He also led trainings at the International Youth Forum in Buenos Aires in 2005 and the National Abortion Advocacy Workshop in Trinidad and Tobago in 2007. In 2004, Svenn represented the YC at the Global Roundtable ICPD at 10 in London, facilitating a workshop on youth activism for sexual and reproductive rights.

Svenn Grant is a committed activist for social justice, dedicated to working towards making the rights of all people a reality.

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