Stephen Diaz

32 years old

Key areas of interest

Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health

Relevant Experience

Stephen Daniel Diaz started his career path in the field of sexual and reproductive health response in 2006. Mr. Diaz partnered with countless Non-Governmental organizations as well as Government Departments to Increase youth participation at the National Level in “Belize. Currently he is the Executive Director of “Belize Youth Empowerment for Change” (BYEC) ,  a youth-led and youth-oriented Non-governmental Organization newly found by its all youth members who are Fellows and Alumni of the GoBelize Youth Leadership in Sexual and Reproductive Health and the Environment Program.  Stephen has began the process of empowering young people to contribute positively to society by working together on issues related to health, education, human rights, civic education, anti-corruption and other development issues.

Additional information

Enjoys scenic Tropical Scenery and enjoys nature.

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