Stephen Chukwumah

Alumni (2009-2011)

Key areas of interest

Relevant Experience

I started my international work with the Youth Coalition and it was an experience that I could not trade for anything in the world. YCSRR opened the door for me to be able to do other international work and learn a lot with regards SRHR and youth leadership in general.

A lot of things that I learnt through the YCSRR I am currently using as a model for my local work back home. I am currently the Executive Director of the Improved Youth Health Initiative in Nigeria.

After moving on from the YCSRR, the passion for the work that I do has stopped burning as I currently do some work with other international organisations like Advocates for Youths and HIV Young Leaders Fund.

I am proud to say that after my time with the YCSRR a lot has changed and my level of knowledge around SRHR issues and youth leadership has increased. Even while I am no longer with the YCSRR, I still find myself doing lots of other things like studying to finish my degree in the university and still very much travelling a lot and still paying attention to my dancing which is very dear to my heart.

Additional information

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