Sergio López


Key areas of interest

SOGI Issues and LGBT Community, Sexual and Reproductive Rights, HIV and AIDS, Political Advocacy, Human Rights, Youth Participation, Development.

Relevant Experience

Sergio is the Youth Programs Coordinator of SOMOSGAY, a solidarity organization, committed to the innovation of effective strategies against homophobia, improving the prevention of HIV and AIDS and the advancement of Human Rights in Paraguay. His work is to offer support for the monitoring and follow-up for the organization’s Youth Area, serving to meet the needs of functionality, supporting all activities of the organization, and to generate the dynamic execution of the work of his staff.

In mid-2008, Sergio became involved with community-based organizations in his country; carrying out logistical tasks as a volunteer, among other duties. He currently participates in some regional and international spaces, including the Latin American Youth Alliance on Cairo+20 and also the UNFPA's Youth Advisory Panel.

During 2009 and part of 2010, Sergio lived and studied in Barcelona, where he could interact with youth from around the world. He then carried out more participatory youth activities with the Vice Ministry of Youth and other youth-related organizations in Asunción, where he currently resides.

Sergio is also the current Regional Focal Point of GYCA in Latin America, and he participates in training young people in HIV-related political advocacy and the promotion of human rights.

Additional information

Sergio has a nickname, so he is also known as "Kuko"! He loves music, playing the guitar and singing. He also loves movies and series, photography and makes some audiovisual interventions in his free-time.

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