Savannah Mudd

25 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexual orientation and gender identity; the intersections between sexual and reproductive justice, climate justice, and economic justice; transnational feminist organizing

Relevant Experience

Savannah recently graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University in the City of New York, where she studied Human Rights and Economics. Savannah entered Columbia (and YCSRR) with several years of experience of working with the LGBTQ community at her high school, where she was the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance. Over her four years at Columbia, Savannah’s interests shifted from a narrow focus on SRHR to understanding the linkages between SRHR, climate justice, and economic justice. She was an organizer with Columbia Divest for Climate Justice for two years, where her proudest accomplishment was helping to raise almost $4,000 for three organizations in NYC working on different aspects of the solidarity economy. She is currently interning for a non-profit that provides loans to low-income/women/minority owned businesses in Philadelphia and is planning to become involved in LGBTQ organizing in the city.

Additional information

Often, the first two things Savannah tells people about herself when she meets them is that 1) she’s a lesbian and 2) she sings all the time. She also enjoys exploring cities, watching tv shows that center (queer) women, cuddling with cats, and getting way too competitive when playing card games.

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