Sarah Kaddoura

27 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexual and reproductive health and justice, sexual orientation, gender identity, comprehensive sex education, intersectional feminist organization

Relevant Experience

Sarah started the Intersectional Feminist Club at Lebanese American University with a group of her friends in 2015; a first of its kind in student activism in Lebanon. Through the club, she explored and organized for themes on sexuality, gender identity, intersectionality of class, race, refuge, migration and sex, as well as sexual health. Representing the club, she collected stories of transwomen living in Lebanon for a narrative booklet that was launched in 2017. She also joined the Dammeh Cooperative, a feminist collective that is based on economic and political justice for women and trans*. She also works within the Feminist Bloc in Lebanon, and has taken trainings on gender and sexuality in particular as well as mental health and sexual politics by leading groups in LGBT organizing and SRHR in the region.

After graduating with a BA in Social Work and Community Management, she joined the A Project, an organization for reproductive and reproductive health and rights, to work as a Sexuality Hotline Coordinator. Through her position, she trains hotline counselors and volunteers on different topics of SRHR, sexual pleasure, relationships and violence. Through the A Project, Sarah trains students at schools and university campuses as well as women in migrant and refugee centers on sexual harassment, consent, sexual health and reproductive rights, in contrast to the lack of comprehensive sex education on the governmental and nongovernmental level.

Additional information

Sarah enjoys reading on history of women healers, witchcraft, and the relation between the medical and the patriarchal. She loves cats and has hosted all kinds of pets. She loves biking, but the roads in Lebanon are not that friendly.

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