Rinaldi Ridwan

35 years old

Key areas of interest

ICPD and Post-2015 process, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Medical Abortion, Human Sexuality.

Relevant Experience

Rinaldi, 25 years old, has been working with non-profit organization for more than five years. His specialties includes experiences of working with young people’s issue, media, development communication, health communication, global affair, and youth mobilisation in national, regional, and international organization in multicultural environment worldwide.

Rinaldi started working with Women Journal Foundation, a feminist organisation working to promote women's rights through research, publication, and awareness to young people. He was then working with IPPF ESEAOR as youth coordinator for YSNAP, a regional youth network consist of young people working to promote young people's sexual and reproductive rights in 26 countries in East and South East Asia and Oceania region. On 2012, he was serving as one of the co-chair of the Global Youth Forum: Youth Rights at the heart of development as thematic forum for ICPD review process.

Rinaldi is currently serving as member to the Board of Director Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights. He is also working with RutgersWPF Indonesia as Communication Officer. Aside from non-profit, he had also worked work digital advertising agency, Red Communication on 2011. Rinaldi has done some research on women's sexuality in advertisement media on 2008, women's weblog in Indonesia as assistant for Ph.D candidate at Wolongong University, Australia on 2009, young people's sexuality in three region in Indonesia on 2011, and young people's participation in SRHR movement in 25 countries in east and south east asia and oceania region on 2012. His writings has been published in a lot of media such as the Jakarta Post and on 2012 he published a book along with his colleague on young people's sexuality and how to advocate and claim young people's sexual and reproductive rights.

Additional information

Rinaldi really likes writing!

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