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Ngozichukwu Chukwuma

27 years old

Key areas of interest

Human rights, Access to comprehensive Information and services on SRHR, Safe and legal Abortion, Gender equality.

Relevant Experience

Ngozichukwu is a Human Rights Advocate and SRHR activist. She holds a degree in Biochemistry. Ngozichukwu has been involved in SRHR since 2017 with Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network, in Lagos Nigeria. As an advocacy officer she has opportunities to empower women and young girls through workshops and trainings to educate them on their human rights especially on SRHR information and services, as well as contributing to choices and the ability to control their own bodies. As a Hotline Administrator, she equally works with Ms. Rosy Hotline, a strong advocacy tool in promoting SRHR, where women listen to the IVR or call in to receive information on safe choices, contraceptives, help GBV cases, safe abortion and PPH information and other SRHR services.

She is also a member of the Advocacy in Practice (AiP) team of the International Women’s Health Coalition, where she has had opportunities to advocate on SRHR regionally and globally.

Additional information

Ngozichukwu is quite a humorous girl, that laughs a lot, loves to cook and explore different food as she has great taste buds, she loves bowling, Netflix binges and traveling. She loves to draw (inanimate objects, cartoons etc.) and read novels. She has plans to run an M.Sc. program on Human psychology as she is fascinated with the human mind.

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