Michiel Andeweg

The Netherlands
30 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Queer Feminism, Meaningful Youth Participation, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Media and Empowerment.

Relevant Experience

Michiel started as a Youth Advocate for CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality at the age of sixteen. Within this youth-led organization based in the Netherlands, Michiel advocated for the SRHR of young people at different United Nations conferences and facilitated trainings for youth organizations in Kenya and Indonesia. 

Michiel currently studies at Lund University in Sweden, pursuing a Master in Applied Cultural Analyses. In Lund, Michiel is the Chairperson of Projekt Sex, a student organization promoting sexual health within the University.

Additional information

Michiel enjoys theatre, fashion, dancing and redecorating spaces. Good days involve a chai latte, a good memoir and a breath of city air. 

Photo credits: Stefan Hennis

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