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María León González

Human Rights Officer
25 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR); Gender Perspective in the justice system; Spatial justice, urbanism & mobility; Abortion Access; Sexual Violence; Fat liberation & body neutrality; Art, feminism and representation.

Relevant Experience

María is a political scientist and illustrator graduated UNAM, Mexico's National University. She is an expert in gender perspective, alternative social listening exercises and dissemination of information through visuals and alternative methods. She has worked creating graphic narratives for Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice, participated in Mexico City's women's parliment, and regularly publishes her illustrations in different media publications. She is also part of the feminist collective Zines por Morras, with whom she has created fanzines, facilitated workshops on art and feminism, and engaged in activism through illustration.


Additional information

María is always drawing, cycling through Mexico City, drinking coffee and looking for new ways to create community.

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