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Mari-Claire Price

Executive Coordinator 2012-2013
The United Kingdom

Key areas of interest

SRR/ Sexual and Reproductive Justice, CSE, Abortion Rights, Transnational Feminism, Sex Work, FGM

Relevant Experience

Former Executive Coordinator of YCSRR and previously the Executive Coordinator of YouAct, the European Youth Network on Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Prior to these roles, she was a member of YouAct for 3 years and also a Board member of the organisation. Mari-Claire has worked for the UK Family Planning Association, developing and delivering a sexual health programme for homeless young people in London, as the Youth Coordinator for a project working with young women from Female Genital Mutilation practicing communities in the UK and as a Campaigns Officer for a number of NGOs. She has also worked on an IPPF research project related to child marriage and coordinated a youth entrepreneurship project in London with young people from low-income communities. Mari-Claire is currently secretariat member of the international Feminist alliance, Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ) .

Additional information

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