Maram Barakat

30 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexual and reproductive health, comprehensive sex education, gender equality, women’s rights. Gender based violence and child marriage, SRH in emergency contexts, SRH and refugees, mental health and SRH, SRH among youth

Relevant Experience

Maram is originally from Lebanon. She studied Clinical Psychology. She is currently working on providing young people with access to mental health services and ensuring high quality mental health providers in Lebanon. Her background in mental health and her interest in linking it with sexual health led her to spend the past year in Uganda as a Youth Health Services Officer and a Global Health Corps Fellow at Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. During her work she was able to develop, plan, and implement the PEPFAR funded program known as DREAMS on HIV prevention, preventing mother to child transmission, gender based and intimate partner violence, reduction of teenage pregnancies, SRHR, and family planning reaching 3000 Ugandan young pregnant and lactating women in South West Uganda. 

She also worked on integrating youth friendly psychosocial support programs in health facilities to attend to the psychological needs of youth in sexual health clinics. Maram is also an alumnus of the Women Deliver Young Leader Program where she advocated for the sexual health of refugees in her country. She also worked with women who have experienced gender based violence and child marriage in NYC, Lebanon, and in Uganda. Maram’s approach to addressing a concern is very community-based oriented. Her ultimate goal is to integrate comprehensive sex education in schools and universities in Lebanon.

Additional information

Maram enjoys singing karaoke, acting, eating avocados and mangos, as well as winning arguments that are related to gender equality and sexual health.

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