Maiden Manzanel

Alumni (2003 - 2007)

Key areas of interest

Relevant Experience

Med Manzanal is a former Filipino member and Board Secretary of the YC.

She is a development professional with 10 years experience in project management, program management, advocacy, writing & research, and partnership-building with thematic expertise in human rights, gender equality, and sexual and reproductive health, and recently fair trade/livelihoods. She was the Regional Program Manager of the World Fair Trade Organization Asia, a coalition of 85 fair trade enterprises in 14 Asian countries with regional office based in the Philippines for the past 3 years.

She is currently based in BC, Canada and working with a municipal project funded by the federal government which aims to increased intercultural and interfaith connections at both the community and neighborhood-level. She is an active individual member of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC), a coalition of international development organizations and practitioners in the province and member of Fair Trade Vancouver.

Deeply rooted in community development practice with international/global perspective, Med is using the YC skills, knowledge and experience in advocacy through community engagement and partnership building.

When she is not working, she enjoys playing with 1 year old niece and 5 year old nephew, hiking, and learning how to appreciate hockey and everything about sports on ice.

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