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Lirisha Tuladhar

22 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR); Youth representation and engagement; Intersectionality of SRHR for and with young people, indigenous communities, Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Relevant Experience

Lirisha is a young activist, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights [SRHR], and has been advocating on these issues locally, nationally, and also internationally at the platforms for over more than 4 years. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Public Health in Nepal. And over the years has thrived to gain her expertise around issues related to SRHR, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Safe Abortion, Marriage Equality, and intersectional issues. She values indigeneity and believes that advocacy should be taken in an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach. She had lived experience in working with the local communities in Nepal.


The main focus of her work is issues of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Safe Abortion, Intersectionality of SRHR for and with young people, indigenous communities, and Sexual and gender minorities. She hopes to nurture herself to advocate to eliminate ageism, sexism, ableism, and other unjust practices among the young people and marginalized indigenous communities. She has also been working to bridge the gap of SRHR by linking youths to the right information and knowledge related to SRHR based on intersectional and reproductive justice framework through an online portal, a concept of a community library for SRHR, conducting digital training, and promoting research.

She is committed to bringing sustainable and progressive development on issues related to SRHR among young people, marginalized groups, and indigenous communities. She believes her enthusiasm and determination will be the stepping stone for the change she wants to bring to the country and beyond.

Additional information

Lirisha has an interest in promoting and involving in creative works in her free time including arts and crafts, reading various novels and books. She also is a professional classical Kathak dancer and believes dance to be an art form to make herself peacefully mindful. She also engages herself as a young entrepreneur helping the older adults to bring out their skill through selling their handmade products through Aji’s - A social enterprise, also is engaged to bridge the gap between the young and old generation. She loves spending time with her family and loved ones during her spare time.

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