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Leyla Shahid

Executive Coordinator
Canada/ Pakistan
30 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexual and reproductive health and educational awareness; ecological feminism; veganism and ecology; interconnected forms of oppression; gender identity and the social construction of "biological" sex; biological essentialism; community building, resistance and the theory of minority influence; consciousness raising; validating lived experiences; consent, rape culture and sexual violence.

Relevant Experience

Leyla Shahid completed her B.A. in Economics from Carleton University in 2013, and subsequently obtained her M.A. in Women's and Gender Studies in 2016 from Carleton as well.

She worked closely with the University of Ottawa, and functioned as the Gender Inclusivity Coordinator at their Student Federation (the SFUO) until April 2016. At the University of Ottawa, she sat on the committee to introduce the university's first multi-stall, gender inclusive washrooms, as well as the internal data sub-committee, which managed the flow of data pertaining to sexual violence on campus. She also completed various policy audits, including the audit of the SFUO Constitution, the University of Ottawa Student Emergency Response Team (UOSERT) Constitution, as well the Interim Sexual Violence Support and Response Protocol. She worked closely with the Women's Resource Centre, Pride, the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) and other services during her work with the SFUO. She also acted as the Junior Health Research with the Native Women's Association. In this role, she helped conduct research and applied gender-based analysis on health policy issues impacting Indigenous women specifically, and Indigenous people in general.

She brings a perspective to the Youth Coalition that is centered on her educational, work and lived experiences at the intersection of various historically marginalized social identity markers. Leyla strongly believes in validating and centering the voices of those that have lived experiences of dealing with systems of power and oppression in specific contexts.

Additional information

If you meet Leyla, you will often find that she attempts to dress and express herself through the medium of (relatively) non-normative expressions of femininity, since she believes that practicing non-hegemonic femininity is an exercise of resistance in the face of omnipresent, multiply pervasive patriarchies. That is why, among other things, you might often find her wearing the strangest lipstick shades she can get her hands on.

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