Kamanda Bosco

27 years old

Key areas of interest

The United Nations, Women’s empowerment, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) and sexuality education, Sexual and reproductive rights, Advocacy

Relevant Experience

Kamanda Bosco is a 21 year old transgender (mtf) activist living in the city of Kampala. She prefers being called Amanda but still uses her birth name Kamanda (and is also comfortable with the pronouns he/him/his) as Uganda is a very homophobic country, criminalizing LGBT persons under the law and prohibiting the changing of names on IDs, passports and other official documents.

Kamanda has been doing advocacy for the rights of transwomen in Uganda for two years as the Advocacy Officer at Transgender Equality Uganda (TEU) and is also part of the Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum (UYAHF) where she works as a peer educator. In 2014, Kamanda worked on a project under the Global Fund in partnership with Most At Risk Populations (MARPs) network to provide health services in relation to HIV and AIDS and the promotion of safe sex practices among communities in the key population category. Since then, Kamanda has been actively advocating for sexual and reproductive rights.

Additional information

Kamanda is currently the feminist intern at S.H.E, Social Health and Empowerment, a feminist collective that seeks to build the capacity of trans women in feminist movement building and women's advocacy. Kamanda loves travelling, music and Broadway.

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