Kader Avonnon

31 years old

Key areas of interest

Youth and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Access to Safe Abortion, Family planing, HIV prevention,  Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Young people involvement. Gender Based Violence, Girls empowerment, LGBTQ’s Right, Sex Workers’ Rights.

Relevant Experience

Kader Avonnon is a youth champion of IPPF in Benin with a strong commitment in SRHR field working to address abortion stigma in his community. He has been working as volunteer for youth rights for seven years now. He was a Youth Action Movement leader in Benin where he advocates to include CSE in education curricula, training young leaders on CSE, and working in the community to facilitate access to contraceptive methods and information for most vulnerable youth. He’s been a member of youth ambassador for Family Planing where he advocates towards, Dutch Embassy, UN Institutions, USAID, EU, UNFPA and Benin government for free access to contraceptive methods to young people. He has been a consultant for FIGO on safe abortion advocacy with the Benin Obstetricians and Gynecologist Society. Kader took part of national, regional and international  meetings to advocates for youth sexual rights as a speaker. He advocates in Belgium with the SRHR parliament group raising more support for this field. He has attended the first and second Inroads Global Gathering in Bangkok and Zagreb and Ougadougou Partnership meeting in Senegal.

Additional information

Kader is passions are music, football, traveling, watching movies, learn about other cultures and taking photos.

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