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Julie Vautour

Logistics, Administrative and Finance Officer
28 years old

Key areas of interest

Abortion Access, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Decolonization of Sexual Education, Intersections of Race and Sexuality in the Purity Movement, Sexual Violence and Sex Workers’ Rights

Relevant Experience

Julie is a proud Acadian who is passionate about Reproductive Justice. She completed her Master’s in Gender and Feminist Studies at the University of Ottawa with her thesis focusing on Virginity, Race and Sexual Education. Since her graduation, Julie has worked in various women’s not-for-profit organizations.

Her commitment to sexual and reproductive rights goes beyond showing up to protests to protect our right to choose. Since 2015, Julie has been invited on a few occasions as guest speaker on CBC Radio/Radio-Canada to speak about Feminism and Sexual Violence. She also published academic and non-academic articles on Feminism and Abortion, Reproductive Justice and Rape Culture. She seizes every opportunity to speak out against gender inequalities and promote SRHR!

Julie is also a volunteer for Action Canada’s 24hrs Access Line to answer questions about abortion and other SRHR related questions. She finds it very fulfilling to help youth navigate their sexuality one phone call at the time. Julie is also a trained abortion doula and is currently working with other feminists to put together a network of abortion doulas in Ottawa.

Additional information

In her free time, Julie loves to travel, spend time with her dog and two cats and read feminist books. She’s always on a quest to discover the next best food that will make her do the happy dance!

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