Joshua Quaye

31 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Child Rights Protection, stigma, policy analysis

Relevant Experience

Joshua has been involved in SRHR advocacy since 2012 with Curious Minds Ghana. Through the organization, he has contributed to discussions on the radio championing child rights, meaningful youth participation in politics, and ensuring a stigma free environment.

He has volunteered widely with Ipas Ghana in the area of sexual and reproductive health, taking an active role as an Associate Rapporteur in the African Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Rights. A staunch volunteer, Joshua has advocated for the sexual and reproductive health of young people at workshops and has facilitated trainings for youth organizations in schools and other groups.

Additional information

Joshua enjoys reading, research and writing articles about sexual and reproductive health and other issues affecting young people. He also likes to watch football, listen to music and debate young people's issues.

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