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Jose Maria "Lloyd" Nunag

The Philippines living in the UK

Key areas of interest

Access to comprehensive information & services on SRHR, Universal Health Coverage, Global Health Policy, Gender equality and inclusion, Social Justice, Research-based Advocacy

Relevant Experience

Jose Maria Nunag is most commonly known by his nickname “Lloyd”. Growing up as a gay person from a poor rural family in the Philippines, understanding sexual and reproductive health and rights as a child for Lloyd started by understanding that his mere existence is a political act.

Due to his lived experiences, he became passionate about advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights, youth-led organising, social justice, and global health policy. Lloyd’s commitment to SRHR goes beyond showing up to protests. Since 2014, Lloyd has been invited on a few occasions as guest speaker in different events including Amnesty International and VICE media to share his experiences. He seizes every opportunity to speak out against inequalities and promote SRHR even in the UN.

Lloyd also had extensive experience creating and facilitating workshops, and programming for adolescents and young people through his advocacy work in the Philippines, and beyond. He has been a YCSRR member since 2016 and has served as a Board Member for 2 years (2016-2018). Additionally, he is also the first ever youth member of Asia Pacific Alliance for SRHR’s Steering Committee and Advisory Group member of CSEM UHC2030.

Additional information

Lloyd is at the exciting intersection of advocacy, research, and policy. He is interested in using the how and the why of health and rights to cultivate social and environmental progress. Contribution- and people-driven. A lover of innovation and sustainability.

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