Jakub Skrzypczyk


Key areas of interest

Youth leadership, sexuality education, abortion, advocacy, empowerment

Relevant Experience

Jakub has been involved in the field of SRHR since 2008 when he joined the Polish Family Planning Association. He was working there for 3 years serving as a coordinator for the youth group and the assistant to the Executive Director. Jakub was also coordinating the SAFE II project in Poland. Additionally to his national experience, he was a coordinator of YSAFE, IPPF’s Youth Network in Europe and Central Asia.

He holds a master’s degree in political science and a specialization in advocacy. His particular area of interest is in discreditation tactics against feminism in media.

Additional information

Jakub is commonly known as Kuba, which is his short name. He likes every sport discipline that has to do with water. He’s passionate about good music and discovering new places. He also likes reading.

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