Ivens Reis Reyner

31 years old

Key areas of interest

Sexuality, sexual and reproductive rights, empowerment, gender, young women's health, HIV response, SOGI and comprehensive sexuality education.

Relevant Experience

Ivens Reis Reyner first became involved in the sexual and reproductive rights movement through his experience in an adolescents group at his primary and secondary school called Pensamento Legal. For six years, Ivens worked in different spaces on behalf of the Pensamento Legal, including at the Movimento de Adolescentes do Brasil (MAB). At MAB, Ivens was able to work in partnership with other youth organizations in his country promoting the creation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs for young people and adolescents, particularly in the areas of sexual and reproductive rights, women’s rights and HIV/AIDS. After his work with Pensamento Legal and MAB, he joined the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS where he worked for three years being able to develop a more in-depth knowledge of the Latin American context of young people, especially those living with HIV/AIDS. Ivens has been part of the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights since 2009.

Additional information

Ivens holds a bachelor in Social Science with focus on gender studies and anthropology by the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

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