Hazal Atay


Key areas of interest

Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Safe and free Abortion/Medical Abortion, Human Rights, Feminist Movement Building, Comprehensive Sexual Education, Advocacy, Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution, Public Health Policy

Relevant Experience

Hazal is a youth advocate from Mersin, Turkey. She is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and works for Women on Web which is an organization working to provide help and information on safe medical abortion in countries where access is restricted. She also serves as the Middle East and North Africa advisor and consultant at the FRIDA Feminist Fund. Currently, she is working to finish her PhD degree in Political Science where she examines gender equitable policy-making in Turkey.

Additional information

Hazal completed her bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Galatasary University, Istanbul. Currently, she is finalizing her master’s thesis on women’s political participation in Turkey at Paris EHESS. Hazal loves traveling, listening to music and drinking Turkish coffee!

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