Gemma Hobcraft

Alumni (1999 - 2008)
The United Kingdom

Key areas of interest

Relevant Experience

Having the unique opportunity to make great friends from all over the world, whilst working on issues you are passionate about is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The YC was my opportunity. The skills and space that YC gives its members to grow and take the lead and initiative in projects and direct what areas of work we’ll prioritise is great. In other organisations that I am part of people often say “we are doing/facing x,y and z – you probably won’t have experience of that”, but then I think back to what I have worked on in YC and I can say, yes I have: organisational development, governance, strategic planning, management, designing and delivering trainings, leadership etc. These skills and experiences will help me in everything that I come to be involved in, I am sure of that.

I am currently a Barrister practising in human rights law in London. I will never stop working on YC issues and I hope one day to focus my work as a lawyer on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues. I maintain a strong national involvement in human rights, sexual health and reproductive issues. I was appointed as a lay member of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (the UK’s regulator for assisted reproductive technologies) where I sit on the Ethics and Law Advisory Group. I am a member of the Executive Committee of the Human Rights Lawyers Association and vice-chair of Brook London – an organisation that provides free sexual health services to young people across the city. I have an LL.M in Human Rights Law and a BA in History and have interned at the United Nations Foundation and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Additional information

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