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Fae Johnstone

Program and Communications Assistant
26 years old

Key areas of interest

Comprehensive Sex Education. Trans Inclusion in Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights. Anti-Oppression. Nonprofit Governance. Youth Engagement. Facilitaton. LGBTQ+ inclusion. Health Systems & Policy.

Relevant Experience

Fae Johnstone is a graduate of the Bachelor of Social Work Program at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. She has 5+ years experience in the nonprofit sector, with a background working with LGBTQ+ youth and in the Child and Youth Mental Health Sector. She is a community organizer working in Canada to advocate for issues related to sex positivity, trans liberation and rights, and other anti-oppression issues. She is a professional facilitator, public speaker and consultant, working primarily with social service agencies to build capacity to provide LGBTQ-affirming services.

Additional information

Fae also works at Venus Envy Ottawa, an award winning education-based sex shop and bookstore! She is a huge fan of late night rants on Twitter (@FaeJohnstone), binge-watching Netflix, and reading femininst/anti-oppression or fantasy books.

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