Evdokia Romanova

32 years old

Key areas of interest

HIV/AIDS, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Artivism, Advocacy, Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Relevant Experience

Evdokia (aka Dunia) is a sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) activist originally from Russia. She started her work at the grassroots level at a small NGO that was using theater for HIV/AIDS prevention and advocacy. This topic was reflected in her MA thesis, when she worked on participatory research engaging people living with HIV in theater master classes. Since her teenage years she have been actively involved in a wide variety of trainings, conferences, and local, national and international initiatives. Sexual orientation and gender identity and comprehensive sexuality education are another topic of interest for Dunia, as she believes they are extremely relevant in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, including in her home community. Recently she started working with refugees and asylum seekers at the local level in Slovenia.

Additional information

Besides these interests Dunia is a passionate yogi and enjoys all sports. She also loves good chocolate, vine, hitchhiking, and camping.

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