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Eunice Leyva Garcia

Executive Director
30 years old

Key areas of interest

Social justice, Human Rights, Women’s rights, Gender-Based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, access to justice, criminal law, the rights of people deprived of their liberty, disability rights.

Relevant Experience

Eunice is a Mexican human rights lawyer who is very passionate about defending human rights and working with victims, persons with disabilities, and women. She was the recipient of the Disability Rights Scholarship by Open Society Foundations and completed a Master in Laws at McGill University, where she was awarded the O’Brien Fellowship at the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism.

Eunice started her career as a human rights defender at the age of 21 years old. She has represented victims of severe human rights violations, persons deprived of their liberty in the Mexican prison system, women victims of violence, and persons with
disabilities within the criminal justice system. She has litigation experience at the domestic level and at the Inter-American and UN systems of protection of human rights. Eunice litigated the first case against Mexico before the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, where the State was found responsible for human rights violations.

Eunice has collaborated with different human rights NGOs, including the International Disability Alliance and Women Enabled International.

Eunice is very passionate about empowering other women, creating safe spaces for them to share their experiences, and supporting them to overcome Gender-Based Violence. She is an active member of the Marea Verde movement on sexual and
reproductive rights in Latin America.

Additional information

In her free time, Eunice loves hanging out with her dog and friends. She likes to spend most of her time outdoors. Her favorite place on earth is Mexico City, but she loves traveling and exploring new places, but mostly, she enjoys meeting people and listening to their stories.

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