Erin K. McGinn

Alumni (1999 – 2002)

Key areas of interest

Relevant Experience

Erin McGinn holds an MA from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (Ottawa, Canada). After graduate school, she spent a year working in Singapore and Indonesia. In October 1998 she started working for ACPD and participated in the ICPD+5 Youth Forum in the Hague and the ICPD+5 meetings in New York. The Youth Coalition emerged from this process and when it was permanently established in the summer of 1999, Erin and Maria Antoineta Alcalde (Mexico) were elected as the first co-chairs of the Steering Committee. In 2002, Erin moved to North Carolina (USA) to work with Family Health International (FHI). Erin stayed involved in the YC until she “aged out” in October 2002.

Since aging out, Erin has continued to working in the area of SRH, with a focus on family planning and contraceptive technology research and programs. She spent 7 years at FHI, most recently as their Associate Director of Research Utilization and lead a team called Research to Practice. Her team’s role was to bridge researchers and practitioners in an effort to promote evidence-based policies and programs in reproductive health. Her team worked with ministries of health and service delivery NGOs to adopt and adapt best practices, and ensures that the needs of the field were reflected in FHI’s research agenda.

In early 2009, Erin moved to New York to work with EngenderHealth, an organization that provides technical assistance and manages projects on FP, HIV, and Maternal Health. There, she is the Senior Technical Advisor for Family Planning and most recently led the process to develop a new holistic conceptual framework for SRH programming called “SEED” (Supply-Enabling Environment, Demand). Ms. McGinn has worked on FP/SRH activities in and traveled to: Kenya, Ghana, India, Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

To this day, the YC is one of her most valuable experiences. Her involvement in the YC fostered her skills in leadership, consensus-building, and organizational development. Erin is very proud the YC is still going strong 12 years later.

Additional information

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