David Imbago


Key areas of interest

Access to safe abortion, gender identity, leadership, youth empowerment and involvement, HIV; LGBT rights, representation and visibility. Public health, global health, capacity building.

Relevant Experience

David Imbago is a recently graduated medical doctor from Ecuador. Before joining Youth Coalition, David was part of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) for over six years, where he worked in the field of public health and held administrative positions such as General Assistant for the Americas and President of the National Association of Medical Students in Ecuador (AEMPPI). More recently, David has become more involved in the area of sexual and reproductive health, especially access to safe abortion, through IFMSA’s work with Ipas.

Additional information

David loves to travel and learn about different cultures, watch TV series, drink coffee, and spend time with his friends, family and dog. He also enjoys running and taking photos. His favorite areas of medicine include otorhinolaryngology, urology, gynecology and psychiatry. He studied at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador in Quito.

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