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Chola Mukuka


Key areas of interest

Advocacy, Governance, Politics, Advocating For Women's Rights (Feminist) and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

Relevant Experience

Chola Mukuka is studying her Bsc Public Health at Levy Mwanawasa Medical University. She works as a peer educator at an Adolescent Friendly Space at a health facility, she has also worked as a member and facilitator at several organizations whose thematic areas of work are governance, SRHR and Feminism, these organizations are Youth Action Zambia a community based organization in her constituency where she has served as a member and facilitator on governance and SRHR for Four(4) years. She has also gained experience working with and international organization Action Aid Zambia as a Women's Rights Activist (Feminist) she has also under gone several trainings at the mentioned organization. Chola Mukuka lives in a country where sexual orientations like being gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc is not legal by law or tradition, therefore being a young lady who sees a lot of human rights being infringed in her country she wants to be the change and let a lot of young people know the rights and have access to SRHR services without shame and freely embrace their sexuality.

Additional information

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