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Celestina Bogle


Key areas of interest

Community-based activism, gender equality, racial equality, sexual reproductive health and rights, mental health wellness & destigmatization, decriminalization and destigmatization of sex work, youth engagement, eco-justice, (BIPOC) Queer and Trans visibility, decolonization, Trans activism, accountability, transformative justice, feminist organizing, body neutrality, social justice, body autonomy, Black Liberation

Relevant Experience

Celestina is a Caribbean-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, public speaker, and facilitator. Their art is heavily influenced by their activism; the need to address who and what is forgotten and hidden. Currently studying Combined Honours in Philosophy and Gender Studies with a Minor in Sexuality Studies, they believe education and community involvement are powerful tools to create spaces for transformative learning and healing.

With activism and community always at the core of what they do, they have been an active volunteer with Planned Parenthood (2018-present) and previously worked with a plethora of organizations that centre youth involvement and sex education. With ample experience working alongside 2SLGBTQIA+ populations and made-marginalized communities, they’ve seen how crucial an inclusive and anti-oppressive framework is alongside comprehensive sex education to community care and wellness. Celestina has always seen sexual reproductive health and rights as an imperative component to healthcare and autonomy. Through education, advocacy, and awareness, Celestina works to be a part of that change to empower the communities they belong to and those they are in solidarity with.

Additional information

Celestina spends their free time reading, creating, and learning a new instrument or skill. You can stay up-to-date with their art and activism @sunchildce.

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