Carles Pericas

28 years old

Key areas of interest

Adolescent Health, Youth Friendly Services, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, HIV-related stigma and discrimination, Mental Health, Health Literacy and Intergenerational Collaborations.

Relevant Experience

Carles is a recently graduated medical doctor based in Barcelona with six years of experience working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. After engaging in advocacy and capacity building efforts at a local and national level, especially tackling discriminatory attitudes in healthcare and deconstructing myths around SRHR he started working for the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations as one of its Liaison Officers, coordinating the SRHR related external representation and policy writing. During the two years he was holding that position he had the honour to work closely as part of different youth-led platforms, such as The PACT (UNAIDS) or PMNCH’s Adolescent and Youth Constituency.

Currently, he is also an elected board member of the Catalan Youth Council in which he carries out interventions around the field of youth suicide and mental health while also actively engaging in global justice issues. As a youth council representative, he is part of a two year working group that will develop an official monitoring tool to assess which national public policies are advancing sexual and reproductive rights.

Throughout his extra-academic experience, Carles has acquired a substantial amount of knowledge in team management and facilitation skills while also delivering peer education based workshops, especially in the fields of “Access to Safe and Legal Abortion” and Comprehensive Sexuality Education. He has also been able to develop more technical skills that include fundraising, writing grant proposals and budgeting.

Additional information

Carles enjoys walking his dog, getting lost in the streets of Barcelona’s old city, roller skating and reading at least one book every two weeks (being his favourite genre the magical realism). He would also like to get a second degree in history or political sciences at some point in his life.

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