Babu Ram Pant


Key areas of interest

Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Human Rights, Youth Participation, Gender.

Relevant Experience

Babu Ram Pant is a youth human-rights activist from Nepal working on issues related to sexual and reproductive health, migration, sustainable development and youth participation. He has been engaged in programming, research, and policy-advocacy on the issues of young people at national, regional and international levels through various youth and civil society networks. He is recently involved in carrying out national and regional consultations with adolescents and young people on their experiences and concerns related to ICPD and RIO +20 process, in close coordination with civil societies, UN agencies and the government. He was a former Special Youth Fellow with UNFPA in 2011.

Additional information

Babu Ram is a student of Sociology/Anthropology and English Literature, and loves movies, literature, music and sports.

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