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Allyson Castillo

20 years old

Key areas of interest

Humans Rights, SRH, Comprehensive sexual education, Feminism, Youth Empowerment, Climate Justice.

Relevant Experience

Allyson is a 20-year-old activist and journalism student who became involved with animal activism at the age of 10 years old and human rights organizations at the age of 16. She is also a member of Amnesty International part of the Youth team, Feminism team and currently member of Amnesty's Global Youth Collective. After beginning her training as a human rights educator at 16, Allyson received training in sexual and reproductive rights thanks to It’s my body project, which led her to become part of the Es Mi Cuerpa School and the Aborting Sexuality Myths Network as an activist and sexual and reproductive rights educator. In addition, in 2019 she was selected to be part of the school for young women leaders created by Comunidad Mujer and UNDP in Chile where she received political and social training. Allyson continues to work with youth collectives engaged in Human rights education, SRH activism and the focus of her work remains the struggle for access to comprehensive sexuality education and guaranteed access to SRR especially for youth.

Additional information

In addition to her activism for human rights and SRR, at the age of 10 Allyson became a vegetarian and then a vegan and has made animal rights another of her struggles in activism. As a hobby, she loves designing, painting and drawing and is constantly crafting. You can follow her on instagram at @allysondnss.

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