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“The skills and space that YC gives its members to grow and take the lead and initiative in projects and direct what areas of work we’ll prioritize is great.”
-Gemma Hobcraft, UK, Youth Coalition founding member
“In the YC I learned the power of diversity; so many people bring so many skills, ideas, enthusiasm and expertise to the table, that although a task might seem impossible, it can work!”
-Saskia Husken, The Netherlands, Youth Coalition founding member
“Youth Coalition has helped me gain a still fuller and deeper understanding of my first love in SRHR advocacy. Being a member of the Youth Coalition has taught me to value commitment and ensure that I provide a consistent level of activity and participation in whatever it is that I tell myself to do. It has also helped me to become a self starter and do things without any supervision confidently.”
-Vincent Abrigo, Philippines, past member
“My years in the YC taught me the power of consensus building and provided me with a network of outstanding individuals who are both passionate about human rights and willing to make a difference in the world they live in. My experience in the Youth Coalition and the things I learned from its members were essential in defining my personal goals and life’s purpose.”
-Moises Russo, Chile, past member
“Being a member of the Youth Coalition played an important role in developing confidence to advocate for things that I believe in and in providing me the opportunity to meet admirable activists that changed my entire perspectives in life.”
-Ioana Contu, Romania, past member
“Having worked with and participated in programs of the Youth Coalition at national, regional and international levels, I am more than convinced that the Youth Coalition is a best practice of a sustainable and successful youth initiated, led and run organisation for young people's Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights."
-Sydney Tetteh Hushie, Programs Coordinator, GYCA
“YC is the future of SRHR advocacy amongst young people. Young, vibrant, focused and passionate.”
-2020 member
“YC is a great space to grow in, improve your skills and also develop your careers. If you are passionate about change, YC gives you an opportunity to work on that passion.”
-2020 member
“It is a beautiful thing when youth SRHR activists/advocates from different countries join together for the AGM! More so, if they are all part of an established international organisation which is 100% youth-led like YCSRR!”
-2020 member
“I love meeting new people and new cultures. It is hard to meet people to have the same passions that I have, YC is a really nice space. I loved the feeling of equality, there's no competition and every success is everyone's success.”
-2020 member
“The family and connection we make in YC is amazing despite our regional differences. YC is very supportive in terms of opportunity sharing and I wish any youth activities willing to join YC could just join.”
-2020 member
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