Our staff provide operational support to the YCSRR and its membership, and contribute to the organizations’ core activities and programming. The YCSRR office is based in Ottawa, Canada. Click on each staff member’s photo to learn more about them and their work.

Current Staff

María León González
Human Rights Officer
Ryan David Yevcak Antillón
Director of Finance and Governance
Eunice Leyva Garcia
Executive Director
Isabel Pérez Witzke
Organizational Development Manager

Past Staff

Lorraine Lu
MPH Practicum Student
Audrey Muise
Jordain Murphy
Carole-Ann Filiatreault
Program Manager
Julie Vautour
Logistics, Administrative and Finance Officer
Fae Johnstone
Program and Communications Assistant
Aminata Bintu Wurie
Executive Director
Hélène-Karelle Ekpini
Program Manager
Leyla Shahid
Executive Coordinator
Sarah Hedges-Chou
Program and Communications Officer
Aden Gebremeskel
Logistics, Administrative and Finance Officer
Jean Ketterling
Executive Coordinator
Linda Saleh
Executive Coordinator (2008-2012)
Laura Tuery
Emily Turk
Senior Communication Officer (2007 - 2011)
Sarah Kennell
Programme Officer (2010-2013)
Margareth Levina Setiawan
Logistic, Admin and Finance Officer
Mari-Claire Price
Executive Coordinator 2012-2013
Ani Colekessian
Program and Communications Officer
Jessica Main
Logistics and Administrative Officer 2011-2013
Rachel Arinii Judhistari
Executive Coordinator
Patricia LaRue
Executive Coordinator (2002-2006)
Nick Carkner
Logistics Coordinator 2004
Joni Meenagh
Outreach and Research Officer 2003
Jennifer Curran
Executive Coordinator (2000 – 2002)
Katie Chau
Alumni and Past Staff (2006 - 2010)
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