How can I become a member of the Youth Coalition?

Since the organisation is fairly small, the Youth Coalition only accepts a small number of individuals for membership each year. For more information on membership, please visit our membership page. Follow us on social media and sign-up for the YC Newsletter for membership updates and information.

Can the Youth Coalition fund my organization or project?

Unfortunately, the Youth Coalition is not able to offer funding to other organizations or projects, nor is it able to sponsor individuals for conferences or events.

How can I find out about trainings with the Youth Coalition in my region?

Trainings are announced on both our website, Facebook and Twitter pages as well as through our YC NEWS listserv. Click here to sign-up for the YC Newsletter.

Where can I find Youth Coalition publications?

Electronic versions of all Youth Coalition publications are available on our website in our resources page.

How can I contact one of the Youth Coalition members?

Member contact information is not publicly available. If you have any inquiries, please contact our office at administrator@youthcoalition.org.

Where is the Youth Coalition located?

We are based in Ottawa, Canada and our office is located at 123 Slater Street, 6th floor, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H2. However, our membership extends globally across all continents.

What does the Youth Coalition do?

The Youth Coalition is a youth-led organization made up of young people from over 25 countries that works internationally to promote and advocate for sexual and reproductive rights. For more on what the Youth Coalition does, please visit the Our Work page on the website.

What are skills that I can gain from being a part of the Youth Coalition?

The organization has a Capacity Strengthening Working Group that focuses on strengthening members skills including networking, public speaking, grant writing, communications and leadership. In addition, the Youth Coalition offers many opportunities to engage in various international, national and local spaces related to sexual and reproductive rights.
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