'Freedom of Choice' Abortion Advocacy Toolkit

Welcome to our 'Freedom of Choice' Abortion Advocacy Toolkit!

We are psyched to share with you our 'Freedom of Choice' toolkit, a guide for-and-by youth to anti-oppressive advocacy for abortion rights all over the world. We have also included a few supporting documents delving deeper into the content of the toolkit, so that you can pick and choose the materials that are most useful to you!

Scroll down and take a look at the toolkit and all of these resources below!

1.- Freedom Of Choice Toolkit : Inside, you can find definitions of common terms used in abortion advocacy, understand the legal and human rights frameworks that exist around abortion, learn how to deal with the stigma surrounding abortion advocacy, and find a starting point for your advocacy that takes an anti-oppressive approach. Take a look!

2.- Legal Standards Toolkit: Check out this document for a thorough description of the different Human Rights mechanisms that can be useful to you in defending the right to choose!

3.- Logical Fallacies and Abortion Advocacy: This brief explains the different types of logical fallacies used to oppose abortion, so that you can identify them in your advocacy.

4.- List of common anti-choice arguments and suggested responses: Here you will find a table detailing common arguments against the right to choose, and suggestions on how to respond to them from an anti-oppressive approach.

5.- Recommendations for an inclusive approach towards trans and non-binary people in your advocacy: Take a look at these recommendations for creating abortion advocacy campaigns that are inclusive of gender diverse youth!

6.- Guide for advocating for abortion as an essential healthcare service: In this document, you can find more information about abortion within health care services, and tips for advocating for safe abortion during the COVID-19 health emergency.

We hope that these documents are useful to you! If you want to know more about this toolkit, check out the launch event below where YCSRR members discuss the creation of these documents!

Was the 'Freedom of Choice' Toolkit useful to you? Let us know how you used this resource & share your feedback with us by filling out this google form: https://forms.gle/XJH77d72xnepD7NS8

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